Web3 marketplace for crypto vs fiat swap

We empower crypto enthusiasts by allowing full control on fiat swap

Our Mision

Ease the Onboarding into the Crypto Space

Free Finances

Allowing financial freedom by empowering crypto enthusiasts to trade without a middleman.

Web3 Platform

Web3 is where users are in full control of their own data.

Full Commitment

24/7 support team working for the Crypto and Near Community.

Smart Contracts

The underlying magic of internet money is the smart contracts.

Near Blockchain

NEAR Protocol allows our service to reach greater transaction capacity and security than other platforms.

Crypto Vision

Offering the best on-ramp and off-ramp service for Crypto Enthusiasts


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, because the crypto tokens are frozen by a smart contract until the trade is complete.

Merchants are verified previously and reputation is won through several successful trades. Thus, the rewards and rules encourage good actions. And if there is a dispute we will help to solve it.

Crypto tokens are safe thanks to the smart contract. If there is a dispute, you will trust the Near P2P jury to check on the documents and decide on the swap result, by releasing the tokens to the rightful trader.

Yes, you can trade USD. EUR. CAD. VES, or any other. You can create your advertisements or accept any offer.

Contact us and share the documents required to be verified.

NEAR P2P is a Delaware Series LLC, the service is to provide users with a tool to perform trades between persons, a smart contract where you get the crypto tokens frozen until the trade is complete. We ease the use of the Smart Contact, and we help you to solve disputes. So, we are never in control of your funds, but if you need to solve a dispute the NEAR P2P DAO has the 3rd vote on the smart contract.